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recap of the last 2 months

April 22, 2010

sorry i haven’t been writing guys, its that damn boyfriend of mine, taking up all my time!!  anyway, here are some of the places i have tried and loved in the last couple months.

1. European Market and Deli at 4135 Park between Howard and Polk in San Diego.  duuuuuude!!  go there for lunch.  don’t be deceived by the fact that it looks like a market only.  you can in fact order hot food and eat there.  get the lamb plate a side of 1 falafel and fire feta.  this is the best lamb i have ever tasted in my life! the gyro plate that my bf ordered was wonderous as well.  they close at 5pm so definitely just a lunch spot.

2. Ike’s place in San Francisco’s castro district 3506 16th st between sanchez and prosper.  if you have about 2 hours to kill, this place is out of this world.  the sandwich is the perfect food, and ike nails it.  i believe there are over 200 sammies to choose from so i recommend figuring out what you want online and calling in your order about 1 hour before you want to eat.  if you wait in person, the line and wait are equally as long but the call in order is way more efficient.  i got the jim rome sandwich (see photo on facebook).  it was a beautiful day and i walked myself and my sammie to dolores park (3 blocks from ikes) and had a most splendid lunch. this place made me wish san diego had dutch crunch bread. i need to start baking it myself!!

3. Super Cocina 3627 University ave between 36th and cherokee in san diego.  if you love authentic sit down mexican (not a taco shop people!) but can’t afford el comal (one of the best mexi restaurants north of the border) then go to super cocina!!  for 11 bucks my bf and i shared 3 entrees, a side of rice and beans, sour cream, and tortillas!  it was so yummy.  lots of choices on the entrees and they change everyday. the chili colorado and regular carnitas are bomb!!

4. Soowan Galbi Korean BBQ in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles 856 S. vermont l.a. 90005.  ordered the thin brisket, shrimp, and veggies.  the brisket melts in your mouth dude.  so thin and so marbled and soooooo effin good!!!  great selction of veggies (not just mushrooms like some spots) and the shrimp had a really yummy sauce on it.  the best part is you get 15 miniature side dishes.  several kinds of kimchi and other strange but yummy items.  i tried white seaweed for the first time and it was awesome!!  for 3 entrees, all those side dishes, soup, rice, a yummy korean rice/fruit tea, 2 beers and a large sake the bill was 63 bucks and it fed (very well) 3 of us.  do it!


pete’s quality meats

February 22, 2010

this place is the original “dive” eatery.   i am not sure how long they have been in business but from the looks of the place, i would say the 70’s is probably when they opened.  employed at pete’s are: pete, pete’s brother, and a woman…that is totally bad ass for putting up with these two guys.  there are rad pictures on the wall of pete and his epic mustache, and of horse racing.  their menu is about as basic as it gets.  you can choose between, chicken, steak, sausage, meatball, or eggplant sandwiches.  drinks are bottled water or canned coke.  they make the sausage in house…and its out of this world.  you can even buy it raw to take home for only $3.99 a pound.  i went with my bf and he ordered the meatball and i ordered the sausage.  they are pretty big sandwiches and they cut them in half so we split our sammies with eachother.  sausage was super crispy on the outside, and had that delightful “snap” when you bite into it.  the meatballs were very tender and covered in just the right amount of marinara and parmesan.  the sausage was served with onions and peppers on top.  its location is pretty rad too.  this place is a shit hole but has a great deal of charm and they really know their meat.  i haven’t tasted a better sausage in my life and i can’t wait to go back and try the steak sandwich!  if you have an afternoon to kill, lunch at pete’s and a stroll through little italy, is a great, and cheap way to do it.  1742 India St (between date and fir) 92101


February 4, 2010

its always a battle between chicago and new york when it comes to pizza.  how can you choose though??  i love them both!  here are my favorite pizza joints in san diego. oh, and as a side note….the best pizza in the world is zachary’s in oakland.

1. bronx 111 washington 92103…great slices, great pies, fast service, and if you live west of the 805, they deliver!  cash only as a walk in customer but you can pay by card for delivery.  good, straight forward, new york style pizza. port (they have 3 locations currently and i hear they are putting one up in o.b.!) now i know its a chain, which is slightly against my rules.  however, its got the mom and pop feel, and they are great supporters of other local businesses through the local beers and local ingredients they use.  this isn’t really new york or chicago…its just really good pizza with a lot of very interesting specialty pizzas to choose from.

3.lefty’s 3448 30th  and 4030 goldfinch  the original location is great to ride your bike to in the summer and chow down on a slice or 2 or 5 on the side walk if you can’t get a seat.  the goldfinch spot (where phils bbq used to live)  is much better for the full experience and if you have a group of friends to enjoy several beers and a pie with.  i love the new location cause you still have the quick “order at the counter” service but then you get to sit in this really cool dining area with large wood booths and lots of cool chicago memorabilia.  a fresh whole pie and or the polish chicago dog with fries are the way to go.  the slices are good but mediocre compared to a fresh pie.  deeeeeeeeeeeeep diiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh!!!

4.hoboken 1459 garnet 92109 i loathe p.b. but this place was a staple in my diet for the year i lived in this godforsaken neighborhood.  new york pizza and beer…super thin crust…very fuckin good. and i think they deliver late night if you live in p.b.

now there are many other places with good pizza in sd that you’re wondering why i haven’t mentioned.  blind lady being one that i know my friends love but BLAH didnt make the cut…i think its average at best when it comes to the pizza.  and being a bit of a purist, i don’t like that they now have a million other menu choices.  great beer though. this place is really good actually, just not under the pizza category.  i have also heard great things about sicilian thing but have yet to try it.  what else people?  what is your favorite pizza joint?

recipe:apricot chicken

February 4, 2010

sooo sooooo good.  perfect dish if your trying to impress that special someone but are on a budget.

1.5 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast (use skin on whole legs if you want more flavor and aren’t worried about the fat)

1 jar apricot preserves

2Tbsp fresh ginger, minced

2Tbsp fresh garlic, minced

2Tbsp balsamic vinegar

1Tbsp soy sauce

1/2Tbsp chili garlic paste or sriracha (use more if you want more spice but taste it first before you go crazy with it)

2Tbsp olive oil

preheat oven to 425

in a small saute pan, heat your olive oil at high heat, once hot add garlic and ginger and lower heat to medium.  saute for a few minutes until tender and light brown.  then add the balsamic and let it reduce (thicken) a little.  then add your soy sauce, apricot preserves, and chili paste and lower heat to med low.  in an oven safe glass casserole dish or a baking dish of some kind with a rim around it, place your chicken and lightly season with salt.  pour 3/4 of your apricot sauce on top of the chicken and make sure its evenly coated.  bake at 425 for 10-20 minutes (this all depends on if you used breast or dark meat, dark should temp at 165 and will take a little longer to cook, breast should temp at 155 and will take closer to 10 minutes depending on thickness).  serve with steamed brown rice and roasted brussel sprouts or broccoli. pour the rest of the sauce over the top of chicken before serving.  questions??  please feel free to ask.  oh, and by the way, all these ingredients cost me 10 bucks total at north park produce.

punjabi tandoor….how i love thee

February 2, 2010

finally, a fuckin indian restaurant that isn’t owned by a restaurant “group” and isn’t a million dollars for crappy, white washed indian.  having spent half my life in the sf bay area, i have become accustomed to really good, really cheap indian.  not the case here in sd.  it is virtually non existent….or so i thought.  i found out about this place from a friend and finally checked it out this past friday with a group of my fellow foodies.  the place is off miramar rd in a weird business park….strange location for a place open til 10pm but there was a freakin line out the door!!  there are only 3 tables inside and maybe 4 outside.  luckily i am pushy and jumped on the first table inside that opened up because some other customers ahead of me weren’t paying attention teeehheee.  anyway, you order at the counter from either mom or one of the daughters.  the men do the cooking in this joint and they look like twin brothers (probably in their late 50’s)  all of the people working there were related for sure and they were all from india (what a concept!).  food is very cheap and you can do combo plates with 2 items, rice, and naan for under 10 bucks.  i got 1 al a carte lamb curry and the chicken biryani (which is made with rice) and an order of garlic naan. my total was 17 bucks for all that.   the food came out relatively fast and hot.  the biryani was incredible with just the right amount of spices.  dark meat chicken that was just pulled from the bone and mixed with the rice.  the lamb was super tender and very flavorful.  the naan was out of this world.  i would put this naan against any sf naan and it would win, hands down.  crispy yet soft and a little chewy and buttery and oooohhhhhh soooooooo goooooood!!!  this is definitely worth the trip to miramar area and take some friends so you can all share a few different items.  they also gave me a little cup of a yummy yogurt sauce and 2 of my friends got a cup of really awesome rice puddings with their combo plates.  there were 6 of us total and no one had anything bad to say.  in fact, as we were leaving, we were all discussing the next time we could come up there!!  everything was on point and so fantastic.  support this place!!!! punjabi tandoor 9235 activity rd suite 111 sd, ca 92126


January 21, 2010

the greasier cousin of the sandwich! san diego has some primo burger spots. so instead of telling you about my favorite one i will tell you about the ones worthy of your time and money and empty tummy.

1. rockys 3786 ingraham san diego 92109

this place is bitchin for a number of reasons….1st its the best burger in sd.  duh! 2nd its the perfect business model.  they picked one thing, made it really good, and are making tons of cash for many many years cause their overhead is minuscule. they have beef burgers with or without cheese, french fries and beer.  thats it!!  so yum.  3rd they always have great beer and the food is consistent. its a busy place so be prepared to enjoy a few beers before you actually find a place to sit.

2. hodads 5010 newport san diego 92107

a close 2nd to rocky’s but this place gets a little fancier with it.  so if you like a messy burger with more options, this is the place for you.  cool atmosphere and right by the beach.

3. el sol 2037 university ave san diego 92104

mediocre mexican but a fantastic burger in the unlikeliest of places.  just do it!

4. tioli’s crazy burger 4201 30th st san diego 92104

spots in my hood so i gotta rep it.  so many fun and interesting choices and i have not had one i did not thoroughly enjoy.  always great beer too!  go during happy hour and they have great deals.  otherwise its a little pricier than the average burger joint…but then again, this shit ain’t average!!

am i forgetting somewhere??  let me know if you have a favorite burger joint in sd that i forgot to mention!

competition: ramen…and its a tie!!

January 8, 2010

for those of you “inexperienced” eaters, ramen is a traditional japanese noodle soup that is far tastier than those yucky packets you get at vons.  sadly, there really aren’t any places in my hood that deserve to be written about, but just a hop, skip, and a jump up the 805 is kearney mesa, land of all things yummy and asian.  in this case i have to tell you about 2 places that deserve to be called “the best” the first is tajima.  now there are 2 tajimas.  1 on kearney mesa rd and 1 on convoy.  the one on convoy is the one with ramen.  the other is great too but thats a story for another day.  tajima has a huge selection of ramens and lots of small plate appetizers as well.  very affordable and great happy hour specials!!  i like the atmosphere and the fact that the majority of people eating there are asian….so you know shits good!  i have never had a bad meal there but vegetarians beware.  i can’t recall having seen anything ramen wise that was veggie.  i am sure you could request something but i have a feeling the broth base is all chicken.  so call ahead and ask before you make the trip.  the 2nd place is mitsuwa market on kearney mesa rd.  this is a rad ass hell japanese market with everything from sushi grade fish to a gift shop, to a clothing store and even a friggin all asian bookstore!!!  they also have 3 mini restaurants inside and one is the ramen place (furthest to your left when you enter the market).  this place is cool cause they have plastic “models” of all the ramens on display with numbers next to them and different numbers for different options i.e. each ramen gives you a choice of either miso broth, soy broth, or salt broth.  go with the miso!!  i got my ramen with a side of char-siu pork with rice.  so good and i could have shared mine with someone else and still been full.  both places are about the same price points (about 9-12 bucks per person) but mitsuwa does not have the atmosphere that tajima has because its in a market.  so if you are in that area at lunch, go to mitsuwa.  for dinner, go to tajima.  and if you ever have a sushi party…mitsuwa has everything you could possibly imagine for such an event.  i bought a bamboo mat and a rice paddle for $1.29.  yeah.  so rad.  mitsuwa is located at 4240 kearney mesa rd san diego 92111.  tajima ramen house is 4681 convoy #1 san diego 92111. getcho ramen on!!